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Generate a decodable story and download a student-friendly PDF in seconds.
Project Read’s Scope and Sequence is compatible with any Science of Reading-based phonics curriculum.

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Individualized Decodables and Tutoring

We create decodables based on a student’s exact reading level and previous errors. Our AI tutor then gives live feedback and encouragement to each student as they read out loud. This combination gives you the superpower to teach reading to each child in your class one on one.

Available to all

Built by teachers and AI experts from Stanford, Project Read is an ambitious effort to make personalized reading support accessible for all kids, regardless of income. Accessible in browsers on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Standards aligned

Project Read is aligned to support students across a variety of Science of Reading curricula.

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Ms. Gauthier

Kindergarten Teacher - Harlem, New York City

Just over the course of a week with my students using Project Read, I saw students who struggled with decoding over the course of the school year grow more confident and more accurate in their decoding. With Project Read, if a student missed a word when reading a sentence, that word would show up again so they could practice decoding it. The kids were motivated to decode words accurately so they could collect coins and worked to implement the feedback from the tutor.


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